Waking up to digital realities

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Management » Infographics » InfographicsWaking up to digital realitiesStrategist Team April 7, 2014 Last Updated at 00:01 ISTAdd to My PageRead more on: Cmos | Mobile App | Social MediaRelated NewsApp v/s browser: a split decisionMake your benefit strategy countImpact of WhatsApp buyout on social me

Imgur Emerges From Reddit's Shadow With $40 Million in Funding

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Photo website Imgur is taking a major step beyond its roots as an easy way for Reddit users to share photos with a $40 million round of funding.The investment is the first outside funding for the site, which has quietly grown into one of the largest online hosts of images and gifs. The site boasts m

So we have gone digital; what next?

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The first instalment of 's global C-suite study reveals that while a lot has been achieved in the digital marketing world, a lot of ground remains uncovered.IBM interacted with 4,183 top executives from over 20 industries to find out how they are earning the loyalty of digitally savvy customers. The

App v/s browser: a split decision

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Management » Infographics » InfographicsApp v/s browser: a split decisionStrategist Team | MumbaiMarch 24, 2014 Last Updated at 00:01 ISTAdd to My PageRead more on: Customer | Mobile BrowserRelated NewsMake your benefit strategy countImpact of WhatsApp buyout on social mediaPromote mobile apps with

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Never Take No For An Answer Again

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When I created my company, Sparkfly, I was in my mid-twenties, and I had no idea how stacked the odds were against my success.In my early naivety, I brushed off the idea that out of the gate, I essentially had three strikes already going against me:Sparkfly was centered in three industries that are

Are Cord-Cutters Killing Cable Companies? Not So Fast

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A watched pot has finally boiled.The U.S. pay-TV industry suffered a subscriber decline in 2013, according to a report from financial services firm SNL Kagan. The contraction, the first ever for a full year, represents a long-anticipated turning point at which industry watchers can finally declare t

Acorns App Gives You a Way to Finally Invest Your Spare Change

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The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here . One-Liner Pitch : Acorns aims to let users invest with just their spare change. Why It's Taking Off : The app, which i

5 Steps to Mastering Tech Networking Events

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Successfully navigating tech industry networking events can be difficult, whether you’re a startup founder searching for the right talent, a developer looking to advance your career or an enterprise HR representative.

Book Extract: From the horse's mouth

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Back in 2009, Domino's Pizza was in the final stages of a chain-wide makeover with an entirely new set of recipes for its hand-tossed pizza. When it came time to shoot commercials in support of the new "Pizza Turnaround" campaign, Domino's ad agency didn't prepare a script or audition any actors. In

Answers to the Strategist quiz (#345)

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Ninety -nine per cent of mobile devices contain this company's chip. It has a trademarked baseline that reads "The Architecture for the Digital World." Name the company.ARM Holdings UK. (Advanced RISC Machines). ARM Holdings licenses the chip designs and the ARM instruction set architectures to thir