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ICICI Bank has introduced a new product 'NRI SmartSave Deposits' - an unique fixed deposit scheme for Non Resident Indians(NRIs). A one of a kind service introduced by ICICI Bank comes with a host of benefits that are tailor made for the Indian Diaspora settled abroad. To avail of this service, even if the customer has a fixed deposit account in any other bank, all that the customer has to do is to get in touch with ICICI Bank, who will ensure a flawless transfer of the account on maturity. 

The customer may not be in India when the deposit matures or may not have the time to go to the bank when in India . ICICI Bank will collect the documents from the customer and send the documents to the concerned bank through a vendor on behalf of the customer and get the money transferred to ICICI Bank. The customer simply has to walk into ICICI Branches for the product and his requests will be taken care of by the sales executives of ICICI Bank.  ICICI Bank will transfer the money for the customer so that the customer can manage funds effectively through internet banking and Relationship Managers.