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Fueling the future: The rise of wind tech careers

Ad Content from AT&TDriving through the rural landscape of South Texas, wind turbines dot the topography like stoic guardians of the open expanses. Perhaps there is no more powerful metaphor for progress — and for the future — than
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BMW's autonomous concept car of the future was cool, I guess

As I approached San Francisco International Airport, my expectations for BMW’s new concept car were as big as the looming Boeing 777F Lufthansa cargo jet waiting for me.  I had surrendered my cellphone and everything in my purse but my
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'Game of Thrones' director talks Dany and Jon’s uncertain future

As one of the oddest sex scenes in Game of Thrones history (and that's saying something), Daenerys and Jon's coupling in the Season 7 finale left us with a lot of questions. Like... is incest hot now? Also: Help. SEE ALSO: 'Game of Thrones' star
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What AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner means for the future of the internet

No one spends $85.4 billion to do you a favor. In its recent acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T sure as shit isn't about to make you rethink this fundamental truth.  The telecommunications company was approved by a federal judge Tuesday for a
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The Future of Human-Machine Partnerships in Business and Everyday Life - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DELL TECHNOLOGIES

Will technology cost jobs in the long run, or increase them? Who is set up best for success in the fourth industrial revolution? In this edition of Trailblazers, a podcast series brought to you by Dell Technologies, we investigate the future of
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Amazon's Fire TV Cube is the futuristic TV experience we've all been waiting for

If an Amazon Fire TV 4K and an Echo mated, the new Fire TV Cube would be its baby. The $119.99 cube-shaped device is part Fire TV set-top box, part Echo, and 100 percent awesome for controlling your entertainment system with Alexa voice commands.
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Extreme flooding in Maryland is a glimpse into our disaster-filled future

Last weekend, Ellicott City's quaint Main Street, with red, white, and blue decorations draped from storefronts, became a churning brown river.  While several factors resulted in this Maryland town's second "1,000-year storm" occurring in just
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Microsoft's vision for the future of meetings is slightly terrifying

Microsoft just gave us a small peek into its vision for the future of meetings and it's slightly terrifying.  During a demo onstage at its Build developers conference, the company showed off a prototype device that combines computer vision and
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Microsoft plans for a future that isn't anchored by Windows

Microsoft traditionally uses its annual Build developer conference to announce updates to Windows and even showcase emerging hardware and platforms like HoloLens and Mixed Reality headsets. This year is different. Having missed its ambitious goal of
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'Ant-Man and the Wasp' could be the key to Marvel's future

Marvel's second 'Ant-Man' installment looks to be the summer movie we need - based on the trailer, it looks both funny and inventive. The film also offers an exciting new role for Hope, who finally gets her own superhero suitLet's all be honest, her