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Inside Google Marketing: 4 ways we’re planning for an automated future

From: Via: 4 ways in which Google's Marketing team is planning for an automated future:
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Giving back and building a better future through FinTech

Advertising Content from CitiWith initiatives like Giving Tuesday on November 27, today’s global community has greater opportunities than ever before to help those in need. A credit to the internet’s shrinking of the globe, social
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When the Future Arrives, What Role Will HR Have?

The future is scary when you have no idea what’s coming — but that doesn’t mean companies and their human resources teams are powerless in preparing themselves. It’s time for HR departments to play a key role in not only...
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Apple products are pricier than ever. Why that’s bad news for its future.

Apple has launched a bevy of new products this fall, from iPhones to iPads to laptops and more. Some are fantastic upgrades, others are perhaps more questionable, but whatever the merits of any particular new device, there's one thing that's
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SNL's newest rap video features Lil' Wayne and Future respecting that booty

You like booty? Great, but Saturday Night Live's "Permission" video is here to remind you that butts have boundaries. Future, Lil' Wayne, Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, and Pete Davidson in character as someone called "Uncle Butt" spit bars about
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The future of 'World of Warcraft' looks bright with nagas and gnomes

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth isn't slowing down anytime soon. With the Tides of Vengeance update approaching quickly on Dec. 11, Blizzard revealed a whole bunch of new content at BlizzCon coming in the future to keep the furnaces burning,
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The low-carbon economy: Driving a cleaner future

Ad Content from AT&TSigns of America’s transition to a low-carbon economy are everywhere. In urban areas, electric buses are joining city fleets. In the suburbs, charging stations for electric vehicles sit prominently next to gas pumps.
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Turn heads with this self-balancing scooter that boasts some serious wheels — Future Blink

If brought to market, this scooter could be the futureStator, which looks pretty next level, is currently in testing and plans to be manufactured in the United States. The 250-lb scooter can be folded for easy storage and transport.  With a top
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Electric car startup Faraday Future doesn't have much of a future

That Faraday Future 91 electric vehicle that seemed so promising just a few years ago will probably never get made for the masses — and definitely not by 2019. The California-based would-be Tesla rival has suffered many setbacks, but none as
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Tesla cars inch closer to their self-driving future with a big update to Autopilot

The best thing about Tesla cars isn't just that they're zero-emission vehicles that are better for our planet's health; it's also that they're kinda like smartphones. With a software update, they get new features that make them even better than they