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Ravi Ramu - Balancing trick

In India, finance managers are known to be bookkeepers of accounts and cautious of risky business propositions. They do have a strong fundamental understanding of accounts, but what about when it comes to strategic finance planning… To
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Sudarshan Maini - First of its Kind

Maini Group has many firsts to its credit. But it is as the makers of the first Indian electric car, Reva, that they are best known for. the list of achievements include, being the first Indian company to supply to Bosch and GM. Maini Material
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Dr. Ajay Prabhu - Championship of Change

When Jack Welch, the celebrated CEO of General Electric came to Bangalore to inaugurate the GE Technology Centre, he said, “GE has always been behind the city’s success as a high tech capital, since the time when Bangalore became the
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Mahendra Jain - Heritage, healthcare tourism

In the past few years, Karnataka Tourism has been aggressively promoted by the state government in all international expos and meets. Mr Mahendra Jain, the new dynamic tourism commissioner, who has taken over the department, gave us an insight into
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Vivek Kulkarni - Governing right

Meeting the ex-Information Technology and Biotech secretary was a truly pleasant experience. We were welcomed into the office with our name and time displayed on the notice board. If Bangalore as a technology driven city needed an official
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Ananth Agarwal - A chip of the new block

Being hailed as the best hope in the chip design industry by Vinod Dham, the father of Intel processor, is no mean feat. Ananth Agarwal of Insilica was the proud recipient of such praise at the recently concluded Nasscom meeting on ‘Moving
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R Chenraj Jain - Nurturing the nation builders

Funds for any venture are hard to come by. So any help in that direction is a real case of ‘angels ‘ coming to the rescue. Thanks to the experiment of incubating businesses by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, a cell created by
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Naresh Malhotra - Coffee, tea or ...

The Café Coffee Day chain kicked off the first of its outlets as early as 1996 in Bangalore! And many others like Qwiky’s, Barista, Java City, Café Mocha have followed with vigour! Renowned coffee evangelist and marketing
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N Muralidharan - India-an HR benchmark

Process maturity and standardization of HR practices have turned India into a benchmarking model for other countries. Three Indian companies getting the international Deming award for total quality management stand evidence to this fact.
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Dr. Anil Paul Kariath - Indigenous solutions and sustainable development

He has worked with one of the living legends who brought about the milk revolution He has imbibed a strong belief that Indians have the capability to innovate and build themselves. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1977 specializing in