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Rethinking cost-cutting

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Companies may be diverting money away from strategically important projects by cutting costs indiscriminately, warns a survey Strategy&, a member of the PwC network of firms. Low-priority initiatives get too much funding, according to Fit for Growth index, a survey of more than 500 compani

FEMA ( Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999) and You - Series 1 (4) – Personal:

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We often wish that we could hold accounts in the currency of our choosing. The good news is we are getting there. India in now convertible on current account, while we are partially convertible on capital account.

Keep Every Service Course Relevant and Fresh

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When facilitating workshops there are things I do to bring something new or fresh to each class. This not only makes it new and exciting for me as a facilitator, but more meaningful and interesting for the

The three secrets of successful Indian globalisers

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Add to My Page   Among Indian businesses that have expanded their operations internationally, companies that we call advanced globalisers stand apart from their peers. For one thing, they boast a well-established international footprint and a strong presence in terms of assets

"You can buy this from anyone, and we're anyone"

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That's not going to get you very far when you sell stuff, raise money, look for a job... What if instead, you created a reputation as the person or organization that can honestly say, "you can't get this from

Alibaba – The Biggest Tech IPO – Worth over $200 Billion

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This week, Jack Ma, the son of Chinese performers, is making history with the biggest tech IPO ever seen. Google’s worth at IPO was just over $50 billion. Facebook’s was just over $100 billion. Jack’s Alibaba will be over $200 billion. What can we learn from Jack? Jack’s who

5 Entrepreneurs That Got Fired And Got The Best Revenge: Success

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Getting fired might not be the most ideal way to learn a lesson, but the drive that comes later may be exactly what some people need to elevate into heights of success they could only reach after a bad burn.Once it happens, there are two things you can do: you can either mope around feeling ashamed

Partnering for performance

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In most companies, people are the single largest expense. In fact, total human capital costs average nearly 70 per cent of operating expenses. But unlike the physical assets that chief financial officers (CFOs) have long measured and managed, people are difficult to control and predict.

Three kinds of advertising

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Direct response ads pay for themselves (at least they do when they work). Socially acceptable paid-for interruption leads to response, and the response (a sale, generally) generates revenue and you can run the ad again. Google's business is driven

The struggle for inclusive funding

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Startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to seek inclusive access to market-based finance and this predicament is hurting them the most. Catastrophe lies ahead unless we take decisive action soon at various levels.