Leaning Towards Efficiency

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Doing a need analysis and involving the employees in the planning process is an imperative task while planning an office layout.

Energy Efficient Offices

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Offices should be built keeping the climate of a place in mind.

Networking enables productivity

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Facility management efforts were inadequate in the face of the ITES needs hence it became imperative to share experiences and establish industry benchmark

Let the light come in

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Sustainable workplaces bring value to your operations by helping you create healthy, productive and innovative workplaces.

Make a statement with a Virtual Office

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Today Bangalore has become a hub of commercial activity and with so many companies setting up shop.

Adieu to energy-guzzling ACs

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Eco-friendly technology gives you the comfort at your home at costs that are incredibly low.

Doing Business in Bangalore

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If you are looking at Bangalore as your business destination, this is where you need to be...

Office = ouch

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Work Related Muscular Skeletal Disorder is the devil that is lurking in almost every workstation. Some attention paid to ergonomics will make work pleasanter for the employee.