Ascendas to double business space

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... size across the globe. In India, it manages information technology parks in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. "While our present ...

Mysore - A New Haven

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The grass is always greener on the other side! This time it seems to be true; more and more people are discovering the charms of the princely city of Mysore. It reminds us of the old Bangalore.

Kumaraswamy to open Symphony's 2nd Bangalore center

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Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. HD Kumaraswamy will formally inaugurate the second development center of Symphony Services in Bangalore shortly. ...

Planetasia Resource Management System

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In a service industry where human resources make up the main capital, being able to utilize the resources effectively and efficiently becomes a prime need of the business.

Work Shouldnt Hurt

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In India, 55 per cent of Work related Musculo-Skelatal Disorder (WMSD) sufferers develop symptoms in the first year of t

Learning is the Key

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To understand the importance of facilities, logistics and infrastructure, businessgyan ca

Managing your transport

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With more round-the-clock shifts, providing efficient and safe transport has become the employer’s responsibility. If not well managed, transport costs could zoom like crazy.

Showing vermin their place

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It’s important to keep your office premises vermin-free, so that you can create an indeed healthy work atmosphere.