Lapjack"essential gear for back pain"

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The cases of back pain is on rise. Poor posture is one of the prime reasons for back pain. So learning to sit properly can help strenthen the back.

Are you sitting comfortably?

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What is the accepted advise when it comes to setting up your seating position?The placement of your laptop/computer is equally important.Is there a consensus on the best practice within the workplace?If you work for prolonged periods with technology,say more than 4-5 hours a day,there can be assoc

Battery Operated Vehicle

A battery operated electric vehicle (BEV) uses electricity stored in its battery pack to power an electric motor that turns its wheels. The battery pack is often recharged by connecting or “plugging” it into a wall socket or other electrical source, such as a solar panel. Because a BEV uses el

Battery Technology Used In Electric Vehicles

A battery is the most expensive and least environmentally friendly component of an electric car. It is a real pain - a hurdle that keeps the electric motoring from development. Using the knowledge we posses, we cannot make an EC travel further than 120 miles between recharges.

Facility Management Law & Legal Definition:

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Facility management is the coordination of the physical workplace with the people and work of an organization. It is the integration of business administration, architecture, and the behavioral and engineering sciences. In the most basic terms, facility management encompasses all activities related

Tax deduction on interest makes home loan cheaper

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Here are some of the conditions and provisions that make you eligible for a tax deduction on the home loan interest you pay

Supply Chain Processes in a Manufacturing Company

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A very informative article on Supply Chain Processes in a Manufacturing Company by Manish Jain.

The Future of High-Rise Building Design

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Speaking In Code. National organizations consider fundamental changes to how high-rises are designed, built and operated. Written by Mike Lobash. The collapse of the World Trade Center towers triggered an investigation unprecedented in cost and scope. Nearly 200 investigators spent more than $40

Is the Worst Over- Road Ahead For Realty

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The last decade has seen major socio-economic developments in India, with the nation’s last five years’ growth recorded at a compound annual rate of 8.9 percent. This impressive number meant improvement in the income level of urban Indians and the middle class and provided them with a significantly

As Built Drawings

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As built drawings are crucial during alterations or refurbishments of a building. We can prepare electronic plans from the copy of the drawing for an old building with greater efficiency and accuracy. We can scan the documents and convert them into electronic data or by taking actual measurements.