Does your building make business sense?

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The origin of your business or entrepreneurial venture has been a creative idea. Some years have been spent in developing that idea, in seeking capital, in marketing the idea, in learning to focus and in making the idea a long-term goal. Through all this, your business has nested itself in one, or

SAFC Bangalore Medicinal Chemistry Facility Opens in INDIA

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SAFC, a member of the Sigma-Aldrich Group has announced its Pharma business segment's medicinal chemistry facility located in Bangalore, India, is ready for ...

Blue Vector opens design and sales center in Bangalore

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Blue Vector, a rapidly growing provider of easy to deploy RFID management appliances, has announced the opening of its India Centre in Bangalore. ...

Adherence to safety key to real estate development

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  In every developing economy, real estate - as a part of infrastructure development will see a steep climb in demand and utilization.

Biotech park to come up in Karnataka

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Bangalore, June 4: The Karnataka Cabinet today approved a proposal for setting up a biotech park on a 106-acre plot at the Electronic City at an approximate ...

Efficiency In Employee Transport

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What makes transport an inevitable part of every industry today... It could be the difficulty involved in finding an appropriate real estate in the city, the unavailability of public transport systems or it could even be the numerous shifts at different hours of the day.

Food in Workplaces A simple guide

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    Food at the workplace might be the only complete meal that today's harried professionals have. Its implications on productivity are obvious. This article gives some simple tips on this aspect.

INDOOR Air Quality

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Indoor air could be more polluted than the air outside! Read on to check how it is so and ways to prevent it.

The Atheos Collaborator

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What would you do if you are part of a large enterprise and have to identify a supplier who could take care of the air- conditioning requirements of a new facility? You may find it hard to identify suppliers who could handle a project of this size.

Satyam Opens Global Development Center for Nissan North America in Chennai

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Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. (NYSE: SAY), the leading global consulting and IT services company, launched a new Global Development Center (GDC) for Nissan North America in Chennai, India.