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In a bid to keep pace with the exponential growth of online shopping, textile manufacturer Arvind Limited on Tuesday announced its entry into the e-commerce space with the launch of a custom clothing brand, Creyate. The company said this is the first among a series of online-retail initiatives that would be announced over the next year. To create a firm footing in the e-commerce space, Arvind

Maintaining Multiple Godowns- The Smart Way

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For a company with multiple godowns, keeping a track of materials and their movement is quite a challenge. Many times, a company keeps materials belonging to suppliers or third parties in its godown. This not only makes the material-list longer but complicates the overall management process.

Hindu Ancestral Property

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To determine a person’s share in Hindu ancestral property, three sources of law have to be understood – 1) Old Hindu law 2) The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and 3) Judicial decisions.    To determine a person’s share in Hindu ancestral property, three sources of law

Office options in the first six months

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Some time back when venture money was flowing abundantly, this topic would have merited little attention as most companies where intent on putting up glitzy, designer offices replete with recreation and canteen facilities.

Business intelligence helping unexpected industries

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Business Intelligence helping unexpected industries - BI applications now are not only present for big retail giants & Pharmaceutical companies. A recent study shows that BI applications are now being used in School districts too helping Superintendents of Districts and teachers understand th

Startups Offer Tools To Simplify Big Data

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin last month announced a tool that combines two high-profile societal trends: a big data analytic that sifts through the 250 million Twitter messages to identify those belonging to school bullies or their victims.

Communicate with Power - Understand !

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The most important facet of communicating is to LISTEN to UNERSTAND. Here is my latest blog and there is a lot to learn from it. Do also feel free to comment on the blog itself. All the best, Ian. http://ianfariablog.blogspot.in/2012/02/communicate-with-power-understand.html

Intel plans chip testing facility in IndiaIntel plans chip testing facility in India

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BANGALORE: Global chipmaker Intel Corporation plans to set un an assembly-cum-testing plant in India instead of a fab facility, a top company official s