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The best sous vide machines and cooking devices according to Amazon reviews

Sous vide: That plastic bag cooking thing that you've seen all over the internet and are confused as hell about. It may look complicated, but it's actually almost too easy — all you need is a pot, and a Ziploc bag, and a sous vide device. Sous
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Forget the cooking — how come Antoni smells weird sh*t in each episode of Queer Eye?

If you're a human who's been alive in 2018, chances are there is one mystery you've pondered for a significant portion of the year so far: Can Antoni Porowski cook? Antoni is the food and wine expert on Netflix's new show Queer Eye,  a reboot
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It's so easy to save money and eat healthy with zero-waste cooking

Max La Manna, the face behind Eating with Max, has become a cooking sensation in a short amount of time through the popularity of his Instagram. His fans and followers love his healthy, colorful recipes — which are not only healthy, but they'
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‘Odour of plastic came out when we cooked them’: Fake eggs seized in Kolkata

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Artificial plastic eggs were seized from a seller in Kolkata’s Tiljala area on Thursday after a woman complained about eggs which smelled of plastic upon cooking to the civic body
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An IIM-B graduate is bringing idly-dosa breakfasts to homesick Indian-Americans

From:   By: Suneera Tandon Via: Entrepreneurship beyond IT and technology
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Why Teams That Cook Together Work Better Together

Can channeling the adrenaline of Food Network's Chopped or the constrained creativity of its Iron Chef, and the feedback loop of Bravo TV's Top Chef bring teams closer and boost productivity?A surprising number of startups are trying. From building
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Dominos wants to make pizza in 3 minutes and deliver in 10 minutes

From: Mashable By Johnny Lieu Recommended by: Mashable Image: Domino's AustraliaGetting a pizza cooked in three minutes and delivered to a customer's door in 10 minutes is a wild fantasy, but for the Australian arm of pizza chain
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How to hack a tiny BBQ [video]

From:   By: Kate Rinsema Via: How to hack a tiny BBQ [video] for just you’re lonely
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Women coping with infertility want more support, less advice

From: Via: Women coping with infertility want more support, less advice“Infertility is a more prevalent issue than people realize. It