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'Fornite's' community has crowned a king of dancing. And his name is Orange Shirt Kid.

Fortnite, the free-to-play competitive video game shooter, has become a cultural force in a very short period of time. And as of Sunday, one person has risen to rule it. You might not expect it from a game where 100 people descend on an island and
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There's a whole meme community that doesn't think Mark Zuckerberg is human

There's a whole subreddit poking fun at Mark Zuckerberg's supposed power complex.  The Facebook CEO is currently in some hot water for the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal, and the company has been a PR nightmare as people delete their
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Muslim communities and allies fight 'Punish a Muslim' day with #LoveAMuslim

For Muslim communities across the United Kingdom, March was a particularly frightening month.  Muslim homes and nonprofits began receiving letters declaring April 3rd "Punish a Muslim Day" in Britain. The letter detailed specific acts of
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Reddit bans communities under policy changes targeting illegal trades

Reddit is cracking down on community marketplaces.  The forth largest site on the web announced that it would ban transactions for illegal sales, including firearms, drugs, fake ID's, and sex on Wednesday. A post on r/Announcements states that
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The Recruiting Community Unites in San Diego April 2-4, 2018

Are you ready to grow as a professional and get prepared for the year ahead? The community of recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and staffing professionals has been working together with the help of ERE since 1998. The first conference was...
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Knight FoundationVerified account

From: Via: Amazing organization -- this money will save lives! Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality
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Mahindra rides the CSR route to better communities

From: Via: RT @sandeeppandit82: Many thinks CSR is liability but @anandmahindra sir and M&M think otherwise.. great.. shortcuts
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What It Will Take to Create the Next Great Silicon Valleys, Plural

From:   By: MARC ANDREESSEN Via: What it will take to create the next Silicon Valleys, by @pmarca :
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A Statement About Mahbod’s Annotations on Elliot Rodger’s Manifesto LEMON

From: Via: Thank you @dumbnamenumbers for doing the right thing. the Rap Genius community annotated Elliot Rodger’s
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5 archaic difficulties that gay people still struggle with

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: 5 archaic difficulties that gay people still struggle with