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Arctic sea ice is loaded with plastic litter from cigarettes and paint

In 2014, scientists clad in thick neon orange suits stepped off a research vessel and visited five different patches of pristine-looking Arctic sea ice. As these researchers discovered, the blinding white ice in the remote north looks awfully pure,
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Trump's FDA chief challenges cigarette makers with giant nicotine cut

Big Tobacco is getting an unprecedented challenge from the Trump administration.  For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed slashing nicotine — you know, that highly addictive ingredient in cigarettes
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Oh good, e-cigarette vapor contains toxic metals, too

Bad news, vapers. Your e-cigs might not be the healthier alternative to cigarettes you think they are. A new study has found that vaping may be exposing e-cigarette users to harmful toxins and carcinogens, like lead, chromium, and even arsenic. SEE
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Taking the Addiction Out of Smoking

From:   By: ROBERT N. PROCTOR Via: Finally! I made this anti-
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Suicides decrease when cigarette tax goes up

From: Via: Suicides decrease when cigarette tax goes up states that enacted higher taxes on cigarettes and stricter policies on
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3 minutes of Tetris can reduce your addictive cravings addictive cravingschocolate cupcakeTetris

From: Via: 3 minutes of Tetris can reduce your addictive cravings’s been a stressful, you’re tired. That’s when the urges come. A