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Google vs. Death

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Larry Page, 40, is the co-founder and CEO of one of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies on the planet. Google is, of course, in the search business, and, more important for its profitability, it is in the online-advertising business. But it's also in the driverless-car business, the wearable-computing business, and the business of providing Internet access to remote

DATA STRATEGY | Leadership Summit | Hunter Valley | Project D

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Data-driven marketing and advertising is rapidly changing the ways in which brands, agencies and media owners influence consumers.Savvy marketers and advertisers know that data is changing the game dramatically. Those who embrace the intelligent use of data and place it at the heart of their organisation to create actionable insights will be tomorrow’s leaders – Those who don’t will b

Facebook's Latest Move Paves the Way for Autoplay Video Ads

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Facebook just took one step closer to running autoplay video ads in the News Feed. This is either great news (if you're an advertiser) or not-so-great news (if you're a user).On Thursday, Facebook began testing autoplay videos on mobile News Feeds to a small group of random users. The company has be

80+ Events in Marketing, Social Media and More

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Mashable 's Events Board is a great place to find the leading conferences in your industry — whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that we think can help move your career forward. Our picks include events in New York, the Bay Area

15 Brands Kicking Butt on Vine

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Despite Instagram ’s massive following and its new video feature , many brands have committed to Vine . It’s entirely probable that the platform’s strict brevity is part and parcel of its widespread appeal.Vine has revolutionized the way brands connect with their audiences, allowing them to talk dir

New Hasbro Ad for Monopoly Cat Piece Is Purrfection

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Monopoly's silver feline has pounced onto the game board, saving countless players from real life cat scratches.Before the cat game piece's debut, parents and children struggled to incorporate their furry friends into family game night. Clearly, cats want no part in your capitalism-themed festivitie

Shoe Company Apologizes After Ad Campaign Enrages Dog Lovers

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It seemed like a good idea at the time? That's the the best we can come up with for the reasoning behind a sneaker company's controversial advertising campaign, which backfired massively, and forced the company to apologize to dog lovers everywhere.The idea was logical enough: Pearl Izumi shoes prov

Rising to the occasion

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The Super Bowl features among the most watched sports broadcasts in the US with unfailing regularity. So much so that many big spenders plan their new campaigns around the event. The ad rates are exorbitantly high, so there is great pressure on agencies to deliver clutter breaking work. More often t

Big Change In Recruiting Leads To Internet Company’s Rise

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Assemble a great workforce. Change your hiring methods if you’re falling short.   That has keyed the recent success of Rise Interactive. The Chicago-based, internet marketing company offers a good lesson in adaptability for start-ups and early stage businesses.   Only a few years

Google's Ad Campaign for Moto X Touts Customization

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When Google introduced its first ads for the Moto X at the beginning of the month, we were told they were not part of the "real" Moto X ad campaign that was coming later.This ad may be the first component of that campaign. Unlike the previous executions, which showcased features like the Quick Captu