Venture Capital and Funding


Five Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money

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From a venture capitalist’s point of view, there are no “trick” questions. However, certain questions can be tricky for an entrepreneur to answer. Below

Special Discount for HeadStart Event

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Looking for a interested audience for your innovative idea?

VC Empowers an Entrepreneur

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The word "empowerment" is always referred to the context of an employee and an employer relationship. But is there any other context that enjoys this?

Got your Prototype ready?

GyaaniLawry's picture give entrepreneurs a forum to showcase imagination with a working prototype and interact with venture capitalist. It is an ecosystem where one can find support from mentors and look for partners among similar ventures.

Making companies “Venture Ready”

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The growth of IT industry and BPO has given venture capitalist lot of impetus. Venture capitalist comes in the early stages of business. There is high incidence of necessity based entrepreneurship in India.

Recent trends in Venture Capital

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VC firms broadens their interest areas beyond IT & ITES companies like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services and Food & Beverages etc. The present prevailing trend in venture capital are totally changed from the nineties. 

Winning over the VC

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How does an entrepreneur get funding for his vision from a VC? This is best answered by a person who has been on both sides of the fence.

Back to the VC

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Objective of entrepreneurs should be to maximise capital value and use it for value creation activities.

Funding your dream

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As an entrepreneur, nowadays one of the most important things one has to learn is how to keep your dream alive with funding from a VC.