Venture Capital and Funding


A VC Point of View

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How does a VC evaluate an entrepreneur and what is the basis on which he decides to fund the project...? Sateesh Andra, Venutre Par

Joint Ventures with John, Ray and Ram

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The interactive session  titled ‘Entrepreneurship, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' was held by TIE on Jan 30, at Le-Meridian, Bangalore.

Fixing Venture Capital

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Many software companies these days are built using some form of venture capital. But the VC industry has been hurting lately. A lot of investments in dotcoms turned out to be spectacular flameouts. As a result, VCs are becoming ever more selective about where to put their money.

The Incentive Drive

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Entrepreneurs need drive, enthusiasm, instinct, good business plan etc but these factors in themselves are not enough for an enterprise to succeed. The biggest ingredient in this cauldron is incentive.

Growing Pains

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The IT scenario is positive and economy has definitely bounced back. But the one question that faces everyone is that, has the investment kept up. Are venture capitalists and fund managers as eager to loosen their purse string as in the first IT starburst?

Angel Investing - The Investment Process

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How does one move forward with an  investor, one has identified?