Bharti Unveils Vision 2020 with New Corporate Brand Identity

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Bharti Enterprises unveiled a new strategic vision and brand identity aimed at building Bharti into India's finest conglomerate by 2020. The new brand identity reflects Bharti's strategic intent to create a conglomerate of the future by bringing about "Big Transformations through Brave Actions." The group aims to build transformational business in the areas of retail, financial services and agriculture, which are future growth engines of India's economy. Through the retail business, the group will enable millions of customers save money and live a better life. It will also benefit farmers, small manufacturers and small artisans across the country through sourcing of products. With the financial services bouquet of life insurance, general insurance and asset management, the group strives to contribute to the process of financial inclusion in the country. The agri and food processing business of Bharti will contribute towards the transformation of the agricultural sector and rural economy to a global food basket. The Bharti brand gets a facelift with fresh and youthful brand logo which reflects a multi-dimensional character that seeks out new avenues to grow. The colour Indigo blue signifies Depth and Orange stands for Youthful Passion and Energy. The Arrowheads stand for Movement that Extends over Boundaries and symbolises Swiftness, Precision and Accuracy.

Bharti Foundation's education initiative is one of the steps that Bharti is undertaking to create a meaningful difference in rural India. Bharti Foundation has set up Satya Bharti Schools that impart free education to underprivileged children. Bharti Foundation already runs around 159 schools in various parts of the country, educating over 18,000 disadvantaged children.  By 2010, the Bharti Foundation aims to establish 500 primary and 50 senior secondary schools under the Satya Bharti School Program enrolling over 200,000 students. To promote world-class higher education and research in India, Bharti Foundation has established Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management at IIT Delhi with a vision to prepare telecom leaders of tomorrow and Bharti Centre for Communication at IIT, Mumbai with an objective to promote research in the area of communications. Bharti is also setting up the Bharti Institute of Public Policy in the upcoming Indian School of Business campus in Mohali. It has also joined hands with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to create a comprehensive program for the development & globalization of Indian football. This program is aimed at delivering the vision of taking India to the FIFA World Cup while building a powerful sporting & football culture in India. As a part of this initiative, Bharti will establish and govern a world-class football academy, which will be called the ‘Bharti-AIFF Academy'.


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