Becoming Great by Choice- Jim Collins does it again.

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Success is often attributed to lady luck, being at the right place at the right time. Is it possible that success can happen due to the choices one makes even when the environment around us is not conducive for success? If success is possible because of the choices people make what kind of choices are these? Is there a role for the leader and if so what kind of leadership makes this possible.

Jim Collins the author of "Built to Last" and "Good to Great" which made such an impact with these well researched books seems to have done it again, with his new book  "Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos and Luck -- Why Some Thrive Despite Them All".

Here is an excerpt of this book from the fortune magazine.  Link.

"We cannot predict the future. But we can create it." Starts of this excerpt.

Key takeaway for me from this excerpt:- Leaders set a lower bound and an upper bound, a hurdle that you jump over and a ceiling that you will not rise above, the ambition to achieve and the self-control to hold back. And they make sure that the hurdle is met whatever be the environment around them.

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