First Choose Your Target, Then Fire at the Bull’s-Eye

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One of my clients launched a vigorous service improvement program to create greater value for external customers. Hundreds of classes were conducted for thousands of Service Champions around the world. The business objectives were clear: reclaim market share and rebuild a slipping reputation. Bou

Growing with the Company :- A billionaire shares his experience.

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Nice short 5 min video from Forbes, where CEOs of startups ask a Billionaire how he scaled up and managed his team.

21 Quotes from Henry Ford on Business, Leadership and Life

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I knew, before starting to write this post, what we all know about Henry Ford: founder of Ford Motor Company, seminal proponent of mass production in the form of the assembly line, creator of the Model T and author of the tart line, “you can have it in any color you want, as long a

The End of Sourcing Is Near … the Remaining Recruiting Challenge Is Selling

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With the growth of the Internet, social media, and employee referral programs, finding talent is becoming amazingly easy. In recruiting, we call finding talent “sourcing,” and for nearly three decades sourcing has been the most important but difficult aspect of recruiting. After all,

How do you get better at your job?

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When I am hired to speak to a company or association, I typically talk ahead of time to six to eight people who will be in the audience to get a better sense of the group. I ask them a series of questions about creative selling, teamwork, negotiations, how they get close to their customers and

Three Methods for Work Life Balance

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Everyone needs time to transition from work time to personal time. Think about this in terms of driving a car. If you change the gears too fast, the gears don’t mesh. They grind. Your family and friends will notice that you’re still “at work” if you fail to draw
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Innovation is the urge to unveil creativity within an individual. For creativity to thrive and flourish, one needs to continuously fuel the Innovative spirit within. However, the pleasures of innovation can be twofold one to satisfy the creative “YOU” and other to give the innovation a commercialisation edge. The article in the link provided herein provides a checklist for connecting creativity and business
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From: forbes.com
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 By: Guest post Joseph Fung
Startup companies should have a HR perspective in mind for the future Goal's. Do not neglect HR activities. I am sharing the link which I think it will be useful...
Guest post written by Joseph Fung   Joseph Fung is co-founder and CEO of TribeHR. Joseph Fung Ask any startup CEO to rank their greatest challenges, and inevitably human resources makes the

5 Things Never Heard at Innovative Companies

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"If you aren’t constantly innovating, your organization is most likely losing its edge. If your innovations are incremental – not big enough to move the needle – you’re still losing." While people have spilled much ink on how to create innovation, I’d like

Artha Venture Challenge

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Early-stage social ventures are invited to access Rs 25 lakh of matched funding Applications open until June 17, 2013 for the  Artha Venture Challenge; a nationwide  competition for ambitious social ventures to access up to Rs 25 lakh of equity funding, if  matched by the same