11 things I learnt about Entrepreneurship from the Startup Festival

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I had the privilege of being a part of the core team that put together the Startup Festival(SUF) in Bangalore. This, I believe has turned out to be a

Company Vision: Dream Big Without Getting Hurt

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The reality of big dreams is they take a long time to achieve. It’s easy for your dreams to get the best of you when they’re too big to achieve in the short term. Big dreams can be a huge motivation killer, especially when they are hitched to your company vision.

Most people, most of the time (the perfect crowd fallacy)

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Most people, most of the time, aren't creative, generous or willing to stand up and contribute worthwhile work to the community. At least not the contributions you're hoping for. The myth of wikipedia is that, when given the chance,

Extracting More Than Cash From Your Angel Investors

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  A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. In order to extract value beyond your Angel investors' cash, you must first assess

Bold Approaches for Successfully Retaining Every Innovator, Part 1 of 2

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A retention toolkit for innovators Corporate executives are beginning to learn the high value of innovators, which can be 5 to 300 times the value of an average employee. If a company doesn’t have enough innovators, a primary option is recruiting them. In a previous related article, I highl

The Best Trait an Entrepreneur Can Have

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It takes courage, grit and determination to start successful companies. It also takes a sincere desire to learn. Given the most common traits of entrepreneurs, it’s easy and even tempting for CEOs to lose sight of how much they don’t know. And if you don’t know, then you’r

Startup Lessons From The Beatles’ Biggest Failure

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A version of this article previously appeared on Inc. The words "failure" and "the Beatles" seldom appear in the same sentence. However, the Beatles'

2 Groups of People that are Killing Blogging and Content Marketing Success Around the World

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We hear lots of talk on the web about “awesome” and “epic” and “unique” content. And although I may deviate in my view of how we should define “awesome content,”  I think we can all agree that most content doesn’t stand out, most blogs fa


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Ponder for a moment the following: The iPad. Cloud computing. Apps. A few years ago, they barely existed.  Now they're part of our lives. That swift journey from nonexistent to indispensable seems to happen a lot these days -- which got me thinking.  What digital tools was I not u

Conquest 2013 - The annual startup challenge

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Conquest is the annual startup challenge of BITS Pilani. It believes in nurturing every idea mankind can think of into a fully blossomed product. The belief in the product rather than the business plan is something which makes Conquest stand apart from the rest.