The sweet smell of success

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No one talks about what color the success is, just how it smells. When Amanda Palmer was busking on the streets of Harvard Square, she made enough to pay her rent. She supported herself, she made it work. She

What A Horse Can Teach Marketers About Winning

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Our "adopted" horse Marketing Mix -- a multiple race winner herself -- has lessons for winning the marketing analytics

The Rise of the Megacorporation

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Richard Adelstein, professor of economics at Wesleyan University and author of "The Rise of Planning in Industrial America,

When employee appreciation ideas backfire

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So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work," says Peter F. Drucker, management expert, author and teacher   A lot of corporate executives will probably smile and nod their heads in agreement reading this quote.

3 Ways CFOs Can Communicate Better With CMOs

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Finance and marketing don't always mix well. Here are three ways CFOs can communicate more effectively with their CMO

A good leader knows how to groom future ones

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Ferruccio Rossi, chief executive officer of Ferretti Group, a luxury yatch maker, has worked as a consultant for KPMG Consulting for first three years of his career.

It’s about time to improve your time-wasting habits

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Many years ago, a management consultant named Ivy Lee was called in by Charles Schwab, chairman of Bethlehem Steel Company, to give him advice on how to better manage his time.  After observing Schwab for several hours, Lee gave this advice:  “Every evening write down the six mo

The topmost software selling mistake!

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Software selling  The other day I was in conversation with a CEO of a product company. We were talking about listing the particular product on iPOTT. The normal questions and answers transpired and then came up the crucial question, I asked, “ what do you claim as benefits of your so

Building An Epic Brand Around Incredible, True Stories

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Joshuah Bearman wrote the Wired magazine story that became this year’s Best Picture winner, Argo .   Bearman and Joshua Davis, his cofounder of the new digital long-form journalism startup Epic Magazine , have, in fact, between them had 18 of their articles optioned for

A leader should never be in a comfort zone

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Decisions taken under pressure usually are knee-jerk reactions. Downsizing is not a solution to a difficult situation,” says Partho Dasgupta, managing director, of IT firm NEC India. He spoke to HT on a range of leadership issues.   Excerpts: How do you define a lea