Everyone Should Talk About Politics and Religion While Networking…

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Yes, I believe everyone should talk about politics and religion while networking… if they’d like their network to go up in flames, that is. Okay, I admit that I chose this title to get your attention. Talking politics and religion in the course of doing business – or netwo

Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You?

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What every marketer should worry about most is minimizing obstacles during the buying process--even if all it means is lacing up a pair of shoes.

The magic of Coach K

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Last week, I told you about the remarkable athletic performances I witnessed at the London Olympic Games.

Realistic Prototypes - Help you Launch Your Idea before you are Ready.

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Will your idea succeed in the Marketplace? Often companies spend a lot of time and effort with focus groups and market surveys to increase the chances of success of a launch. After all several factors determine success: Is there a need? How desperately do customers need your product? What should t

Listen to Your Customer

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If you take a flight around mid day in a domestic airline in India, you are almost sure of getting a good meal.  I wonder how they keep the enthusiasm levels of the hosts in the aircraft so high Even on a half an hour flight, they give you something to eat and drink and they wear that broad s

How to spend the first hour of your business day??

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How does our business day start?, making those urgent phone calls? checking all the emails that you forgot to check/reply? or getting down to prioritising and initiating work due for the day.

Leadership Lessons from Olympic Athletes

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We love the Olympics.We love the athleticism and the story lines and the preparation and the inspiring moments and the psychology and the history … and so much more. And so, that is my focus in this note – viewing the efforts of these athletes through the lens of leadership. They

Strategy vs Execution- missing the point

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There is often a debate whether strategy is important or execution. This debate often misses the essence of what strategy is really is and whether the two can be separated in the first place. Here I present a blog from V. N Bhattacharya and a video from HBR which dwells on what strategy is, the ne

Why Being Busy Can Keep You From Getting Ahead

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I’m a list person. Call me OCD, a micro-manager, what have you—but jotting down to-dos is my lifeline. Every time I do, I get a momentary sense of relief, a mind-cleanse, as I spit out all my commitments on paper.


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We all know about leadership in a general way, and there is no simple formula that would apply to all. However there are 7 Essentials for Successful Leadership. These are addressed in my blog on Leadership. http://ianfariablog.blogspot.in/2012/08/the-art-of-leading.html