Help Your Leaders Lead

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Deep inside an enormous software company, a team of passionately committed individuals works day and night to improve their customers’ and partners’ experiences. These committed service heroes know that satisfaction is not enough to retain loyalty and gain market share.

The Best Trait an Entrepreneur Can Have

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It takes courage, grit and determination to start a successful business. It also takes a bit of blind confidence…if not a touch of madness. Given these most common traits of entrepreneurs, they may have the tendency to develop blind spots. In short, business owners often don’t know w

5 Qualities of the Greatest Home Page Marketing Videos on the Web

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About a year ago I wrote about the future of home page design, one in which simplicity, ease of navigation, and funnel marketing were all prominent components to success.

Don’t Separate Design from Implementation

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I was a programmer for about fifteen years. Then I managed a factory IT department for a few years, and managed vendors delivering software for yet more years.  In all of those years (with one exception), software was delivered on time and customers were happy.

The Fallout of the last Financial crisis

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Unfortunately, 4 years after the global financial crisis, the urgency to  make fundamental changes in financial regulation is heading nowhere  in most of the countries. The consumers of financial services in India  usually do not get a fair deal because the system is

Bridging a Generation When Networking is Easier Than You Think!

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One of the most important aspects of networking is the so-called “small talk” that occurs at networking functions.
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If failure is viewed with the right lens, it needn't be a bad/ fearful thing that we may think it to be...here's a point of view.It would be difficult to come across anyone who hasn’t failed ever – at anything, or even anyone who doesn’t know what it means. And yet so many times we get hassled by this familiar experience, instead of leveraging it. Embrace
found this article very interesting and can provide a lot of insights into success. Many a times most of us believe to be very highly skilled and yet keep wondering how come others with lesser skills form our perspective succeed better. This article looks at this paradigm from a totally different perspective.
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Entrepreneurs are not a different breed of people, however how entrepreneurs go about taking decisions and building organisations is quite different from what a manager might do in a large company. In this video from MentorSquare I talk about this.