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Dan Ariely, in this very interesting talk proves that we do not work just for 'money'. It is a sense of satisfaction, achievement and a bit of recognition from our peers that drives us to do things that are not always fun but we do continue to do it to reach the goal.
What motivates us to work? Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn't just money. But it's not exactly joy either. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and

Hot off the press - The Mackay MBA paperback

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Everyone is a salesperson all of their life. After all, whether you are a mechanic, teacher or a manager, you are selling ideas. You are negotiating. You are communicating . . . persuading . . .

Inquisitive Organisation - The Leader’s Role

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      Learning by Doing  A singular characteristic of learning organisations is their propensity to learn by doing.
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Free but valuable.. from expert entrepreneurs and reputed universities like Stanford. Topics I feel are very relevant for Start-ups like "How to Build a Startup", "Introduction to Finanace", "Competitive Strategy".  I liked that these courses are specific for Startups.. like this quote " “We used to think of startup as a smaller version of a large company,” ...“We now know that a startup is

Bringing Lean to Software Development

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Software is not about making something, it’s about making something work. Take software out of a cell phone, a car, a factory, a business, and it won’t work anymore. Software is the brains behind just about everything complicated that we try to do.   In 1960, J.C.R.

Perception Points vs. Process Points in Service Delivery

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The focus on process improvement has been one of the key strategies for business success over the past 40 years. Whether simple checklists or complex process maps, what started on the manufacturing floors is now seen in every industry. Quality, speed to market, cost savings, safety, and innovatio

Who is your brand's custodian?

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"Brands are like pieces of fine crystal - they take time to create and are easy to break" - Mike IsaacsonRead my blogs @ http://www.brand-comm.com/blog.html   Facebook: facebook.com/RamanujamSridhar  Twitter:

How to make your Message Viral

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Want to have your message become viral? Is there a way to spread the word without big budgets? I have long wonderd if there is a systematic way one could make a message viral. I finally got a lot of answers. I Watched this Video and then read the book.

How To Avoid (Another) Horrible Boss

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A version of this article previously appeared on Inc. Someone on Quora recently asked me to answer the following question: How can I avoid