Avoid the temptation to Hire a Large Sales Team when starting a new venture.

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Sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers le Noël)) When starting a new business one is most hungry to get sales going, however ramping up the sales team too fast can actually backfire. It takes time to figure out what is working. Which  target market is ready to buy, what the commu

The Value of Winning Functional Excellence Awards

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The very best strategic recruiting and talent management leaders are continually looking for ways to improve their results, their credibility, and their business impacts. One of the most powerful tools for reaching those goals and for developing an excellent function is to apply for and win funct

The Impact Matrix: Prioritize Your 2013 Initiatives Using This Startup Ninja Tool

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This article previously appeared in Forbes. It is that time of year again - annual planning season. Dynamic, growing startups consistently identify more ideas and

How Clear Is The Exit Strategy For Your Business?

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A business owner recently asked me: “How do I begin planning to exit my business?”  It’s a great question—but it may be premature for most business owners. In this brief video, I’ll walk you through the four questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves fir

Marketers woo empowered women

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Even marketers who did not traditionally sell to them earlier are changing their ways. Do women rule buying in India, or men? 

Is Your Company Naughty or Nice? Get Customer Service Tips for this Holiday Season – Part Two

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To Get Stuck on the Naughty List: Specialize in the run-around. Doing business with a company should be a choice, not a chore. But unfortunately, many companies make receiving service very difficult for their customers. Companies on the naughty list aren’t streamlined.

Learning how to see

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If you want to make something new, start with understanding. Understanding what's already present, and understanding the opportunities in what's not. Most of all, understanding how it all fits together. Watch the last two minutes of the classic film,

Big fish in a small pond?

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Most leaders get complacent being the big guy in a small company. The really smart leaders realize that there is more to be learned outside the organization. What kind of person are you... the one who wants to be a big fish.... in a small pond, or a small fish in the ocean?

Make Mistakes

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Have you ever made any mistake in your working? What a stupid question! All of us have made mistakes. Including me. Plenty. It is a part of learning and it is almost impossible that you learn without making mistakes. In our Company, I encourage people to make mistakes.
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This is a wonderful interview with Seth Godin, where Seth in his clear and perceptive manner, shares views on leadership, handling change and covers industries from publishing to education. I tharoughly enjoyed it. Recommend this to Leaders and Entrepreneurs.I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Seth and our stimulating