To Create True Innovation, Consider Who You Want Your Customers To Become

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Fast Company talks with MIT fellow and author Michael Schrage, who says entrepreneurs are thinking about innovation all wrong. It's not about transactions, it's about transformation. Michael Schrage may have minted a cliché: “Who do you want your customers to become?

Leaderless organisations can be unstoppable

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Wikileaks being Prosecuted and how naturally a stronger Whistle blower platform will emerge. All the force that the US government is using to shut down Wikileaks, possibly will only lead to the creation of even better platforms for whistle blowers.

Super secrets to becoming a superachiever

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Because I do a lot of public speaking, I have developed a deep appreciation for top-notch speakers.So when I was brainstorming and looking for a real show-stopper to address a group of business people I am mentoring, I asked Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine to be one of our presenters.

The LEGO story

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This is the story of a simple carpenter who only dreamed of making the best toys. It is the story of the colourful small building blocks that we are all so familiar with. What most of us do not know is the person behind it, the entrepreneur who faced so many set backs but always made sure he bounc

Should YOU Spend Your Time and Money in a Networking Group

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There are many reasons why people join networking groups. The most obvious – and what makes them remain in these same groups year after year – is that the relationships they make in these groups lead to their getting more business through referrals.

Low Cost Recruitment Strategies

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Just found an intersting and useful blog on how to source candidates in low cost ways.

The Importance of “Banking It”: How To Capture Key Learnings For Your Business

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When most people hear the word banking, a long groan and moan follows these days, but this blog was writtento hightlight the value of banking knowledge.  I am a firm believer that “every day’s a school day”, whether you are aged 8 or 88!  We are all continually

Leadership Tip: How to Move from Ideas to Action

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New strategies fail at an alarming rate. In fact, my research has shown that 70 percent of all large-scale change efforts hit roadblocks and ultimately break down. Often, too few people have bought into the new vision. In other cases, employees aren’t urgent or enthusiastic about the ch

In Times of Crisis .... - Malcolm Gladwell

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what we need from leaders is not their Expertise but their Humility......Malcolm Gladwell the author of "Blink" and "The Tipping point" is a great story teller.

5 Contrarian Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs

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There's something special about entrepreneurs whose startups take off and those whose stay small--starting with how they begin. In studying successful entrepreneurs for my new book, Breakthrough Branding, I was struck by a series of contrarian habits that set them apart.