A missed opportunity?

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Not too long ago, Unilever dropped its long time agency partner Lowe to produce a crowdsourced TV commercial for its Peperami brand. The experience saved it money and left it critical of the ad industry's reluctance to try new ways of working, said the company.

Is It Finally Time for Corporations to Provide Applicants With Feedback?

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One of the most powerful unanswered questions in recruiting is “Why are ‘not hired’ applicants and rejected candidates not provided with feedback?” Providing individual feedback in recruiting is almost nonexistent, even though giving feedback is a widely accepted practice

HR management in retail

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There is a rule in business that if you are not growing, you may be dying. But grow too rapidly and you may still find yourself on the fast track to the business graveyard. That will happen if you are not alert or constantly looking out for the speed bumps that will come your way when you are

A leader must develop talent

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Yasmine Hilton is the first woman chairman to be heading one of India’s biggest multinational energy companies - Shell India. After serving 30 years in the company in various roles, she says this will be her last job. She spoke to Hindustan Times on the responsibilities and challenges fa

The Career-Advancing Secrets Of 3 People With Awesome Careers

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To paraphrase LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, launching a career is a little bit like leaping off a cliff, building an airplane on the way down, and taking flight before you reach the bottom.   But that construction is not without instructions.

Roger McNamee's 5 Tips for Facebook Marketing Success

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Roger McNamee isn't just an investor in Facebook. He's also a client.   In particular, McNamee, a founding partner at Elevation Partners, has used Facebook to market his band, Moonalice. The jam band had about 50,000 fans last summer, but is now around 220,000 thanks t

Team Compensation

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The New Venture team had done an incredible job, and they knew it. Increment by increment they had built a new software product, and when the deadline came, everything that had to be operational was working flawlessly.

How to use Twitter as an effective customer service platform: a Confused.com case study

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Is it possible to deliver great customer service in 140 characters? It has to be, since social

People, the key to quality

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Investment in quality assurance and human resource insures high business standards Recently our doctor referred my wife to a leading lab at Bangalore for a blood check. After the test, the lab report indicated that she would have to be on medication for life. In order to confirm the diagnosis th