The Honest Economy: A New Way of Doing Business

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It wasn’t long ago that in order to buy a car, you couldn’t even get cost information on the phone, much less view a web page that gave you every spec, photo, and no-haggle price you could possibly imagine. But companies like CarMax realized their industry was screwed up. In their min

How Cadence Predicts Process

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If you want to learn a lot about a software development organization very quickly, there are a few simple questions you might ask. You might find out if the organization focuses on projects or products. You might look into what development process it uses. But perhaps most the revealing

How do get your ideas to spead- Seth Godin

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Watched it again and recommend it. Seth Godin has a power way of bringing a point across. Just becuase you have an innovative product does not mean you have customers. Case in point it took 15 years before Sliced Bread became popular thanks not to the patent holder of the invention but another bre
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What could prevent you from being happier or greatness? YOU. This article from Jessica Hagy in Forbes is a very simple but impactful article on implimentable steps to achieve Happiness and Greatness. As Jack Canfield puts in his book called "Success Principles" owning 100% responsibility is a key factor.. You can access the same here
The Six Enemies of Greatness (and

We can learn a lot from the Easter Bunny

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What's not to love about a cheerful fellow who arrives with chocolate heralding the arrival of spring after a long cold winter?
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Is Giving Good? Do Givers really Gain? While there are a lot of stories about how Givers Gain, there is very little research and academic validation for it. Adam Grant Professor at Wharton however has done some excellent research on this and this article from the New York Times highlights some of it. I enjoyed reading it, Giving is good for you.
Just after noon on a Wednesday in

Seven Leadership Lessons from Great Basketball Coaches

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The first thing I remember purchasing with my own money that I earned was a basketball. As a boy, when I wasn’t in class, often I was shooting baskets.
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  How to Evaluate Employee Performance in 15 Easy Steps Evaluating Employee Performance is the key thing running in Entreprenuers mind. I found this article interesting and value add.
How do I fairly evaluate an employee? When evaluating an employee for a periodic review, a raise, or a promotion, you need to have a checklist of measurable performance criteria that can be applied
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Inspiring... it is not about money. Ikea founder Mr.Kamprad is worth more than $18 Billion, yet lives a frugal life. Does not flaunt wealth and looks at every oppotunity to save. Inspiring story of what  the billionaire values.Self-made man: Ingvar Kamprad with wife Margaretha  In his faded coat, tinted prescription glasses and scuffed shoes, he looks like just another

11 things I learnt about Entrepreneurship from the Startup Festival

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I had the privilege of being a part of the core team that put together the Startup Festival(SUF) in Bangalore. This, I believe has turned out to be a