Marketing the Niche to the Mass

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The niche. By definition, a small wedge. A small corner even. Marketing as a process is the ability of a marketer to take a product, a service or a concept and make it as mass as possible. Marketing to that extent of definition is a process that fulfills a latent human need, want, desire and

Debitable, but debatable no longer

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Mark Twain was one of the keenest minds ever to put pen to paper.  He was also an utter bust managing his money.  Twain poured a fortune into technological innovations that didn't work.  His publishing house went broke printing books the public didn't buy.   In the

Rebooting Your Workforce

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Everyone knows what it means to reboot your computer, but what does it mean when you reboot your entire workforce? It’s no secret that the speed of change in business is incredibly fast. And as a result products, operational processes, customer expectations, and even business models a

The Six Invaluable Factors

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Every day the market you work in—regardless of the industry—asks ‘Are you invaluable?’ Did you answer the question satisfactorily today? Well done. Get ready to answer it again tomorrow.

The Fallacy of the Great Idea

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“Many entrepreneurs feel that they cannot start a business without a great idea. They believe it will be impossible to succeed without a completely new concept, as the market will already be cornered by established businesses. Only by venturing into uncharted territory can they achieve th

Identify the problem, then solve it

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Let me repeat a basic principle in the sales and marketing world:  People don't usually buy products and services.  They buy solutions to problems. And adhering to that principle determines who succeeds at sales.   Successful salespeople and marketers learn that fundam

When It Comes to Successful Networking, Everyone Wants to Get Along

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The realm of business today is global, not just local or national. When we set out to discover what people thought about business networking, we focused on businesspeople, but in a broad cross-section of the world.

No success without access

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Over the years I've asked a lot of people what makes a great salesperson, and the answers are fairly predictable:  passion; persistence; personality/likeability; planning; trustworthiness; strong work ethic; drive/initiative; quick learner; goal-oriented; good communications skills; sense

Be a Game Changer

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Hi Everyone, The year 2012 is already looking challenging. Predictions have been made about the world coming to an end in 2012. Wikipedia even has a separate article dedicated to what it calls the 2012 Phenomenon.   Why go through myriad doomsday scenarios, lets look at the posi