The Where Factor: Location Intelligence and the Competitive Edge

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The convergence of business intelligence and big data has given rise to data-driven organizations—organizations that use data to direct business practices, marketing, new product development and other operational activities. But business intelligence platforms typically miss an important di

The Real Reason We Fail

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Robin Sharma shares some insights to help you not only take your performance to the next level but to make your life exponentially more meaningful.

Managing product launch

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So you launched a product recently, which resulted in impressive sales leads and perhaps positive coverage. Fast-forward to four weeks later and now what? How do you keep that momentum alive with more sales opportunities as well as obtaining additional media coverage?

Don’t Be Left Behind… As HR Shifts To A Data-Driven, High Business Impact Approach (Presentation)

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Presentation from Dr John Sullivan The post Don’t Be Left Behind… As HR Shifts To A Data-Driven, High Business Impact Approach (Presentation) appeared first on Dr John

Defying Perfectionism

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The Value Drawbacks of Living as a Perfectionist… Perfectionism… “To be, or not to be?” That is of course the ultimate question, and there are certainly arguments for and against it. Those who support perfectionism may tell you that it’s a measure of thei

Demand higher standards

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On a long flight a little while ago, I saw two couples watch movies while they let their six kids run around like maniacs from take off to touchdown. A seven-year old actually punched me. (I didn't return the

Ten Tips to Create and Build Customer Relationships

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There is a distinction between customer satisfaction and customer retention.  Many companies don’t understand the concept.  Someone might be happy with your product or service, basic satisfaction, but never purchase again.  Why?

23 Ivy League Networking Secrets, That Actually Work! Part 1

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Networking. If you’re an introvert like me, the very word sends a cold shiver down your spine,

How to Exit Your Small Business and Stop Being Overprotective

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Overprotective entrepreneurs are those folks who can’t let anyone other than themselves complete important day-to-day tasks. When you’re that tangled up inside your small business, it makes it hard for anything or anyone to grow. That’s why this quick tip tel


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