The Four Leadership Lessons Millennials Really Need

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The leadership advice Millennials get in commencement speeches isn't always that useful or even true. Here's what they need to

How to Use Service to Charge Higher Prices and Grow Market Share in a Price Sensitive Market

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Indian telecommunications is one of the most commoditized, competitive, and chaotic markets in the world. Hundreds of stores sell identical phones and tablets. Price competition is intense. Customers are spoiled for choice. In this challenging market, one company consistently charges higher price

How to Overcome Opportunity Addiction

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Once the entrepreneurial bug bites, you begin to see opportunity everywhere. Right? Potential clients, potential side jobs, potential add-ons—the list goes on and on. The allure of it all can be intoxicating. This mindset has a dark side, though: Opportunity Addiction or OA. I’ve suff

Is Your Key Account Management Effective?

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If your answer is No, you are part of the majority. Most firms do not succeed in profitably growing large global customers through key account management (KAM). A largish Indian IT services company struggled with managing big customers for several years.

Don’t let false assumptions cloud your thinking

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One afternoon, a woman noticed two small boys on the front step of a house.  They were in their school uniforms carrying their backpacks and she assumed were going home after school.  They were on their tip-toes trying to reach the doorbell with a stick. “Poor little lads, t

What Can Business Do About It?

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While spending a week on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson last summer, I had the  opportunity to discuss his “B Team” concept in depth with him. The B Team is a group  of internationally renowned business and thought leaders like Paul Polman of Unilever,  Dr.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain Before Lunch

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For as long as I can remember, I have been in pursuit of optimal performance and health.
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Lets admit it, email is how we communicate maximum about work now a days. So how can we be most effective managing your email? This post by Eric Schimdt (Former CEO of google) is a interesting and useful read.
In a new book out this week chock full of Google-flavored business wisdom, How Google Works, Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt and former Senior Vice President of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share

How a couple made almost a quarter of a million dollar business...from scratch

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We want to introduce you to Julie Mills and Julian Thornton, a couple all the way from Australia, who have gone through all the bumps and bruises of selling online products, only to come out on

Collaborating With Influencers: It’s Not as Terrifying as You Think

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This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.   To appreciate the power of video influencers, one needs to experience the pandemonium at Vidcon.