Nairobi to Shanghai: A World of Service

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When considering quality of service around the world, many stereotypes can be applied. We may think certain countries or cultures naturally excel at service, while others are very efficient but not very friendly. And we may even see some countries where service appears to be an altogether low pri

Hire Like Google — Project the ‘Career Trajectory’ of Your Candidates

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I frequently get asked the question “What is the one thing that recruiting functions should be systematically doing, but for some unexplained reason, it doesn’t do it?” Well, one quick answer to that question is “to project the career trajectory of potential hires.”

Do You Invite Your Customers to Return?

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It’s human nature to be wanted.  You meet someone for the first time and have a great conversation at lunch, dinner or over coffee, the ultimate compliment is when either party says to the other, “Let’s do this again.  And let’s do it soon.” An invitation i

Defining the new role of HR leaders

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Add to My Page   Cary Cooper, distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School, ranked as the most influential UK thinker in the 2014 HR Most Influential (HRMI) rankings, recently commented that HR directors have less in

5 Tips for Expanding Social Media Retail Strategies

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This week I got to talk to Collin, the VP of Products and Marketing at YouEye. YouEye is an agile

How to Interview and Hire the Right Content Marketing Manager for Your Company

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When it comes to content marketing, I firmly believe that, other than “buy in” from management, the most important factor that will impact your ability to have incredible success comes down to the position of “content marketing manager.” Granted, this position has many nam

Two Keys to Small Business Success

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Today, with just a few hours on the side and a few dollars a day, you can build a business online that can start you on the path to following your dreams and financial

The indirect investment (plural)

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The investor asks, "when do I get paid back?" The work for hire asks, "what's in it for me?" The member of the community wonders, "what's in it for us?" Plural. More than ever, our research, our writing, our

How to Delegate Effectively in a Small Business

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Entrepreneurs are natural-born do-it-yourselfers, tackling each and every task that comes their way. And while that attitude is admirable, it can be pretty ineffective, too. Luckily, my super-efficient small business slice will show you how to delegate effectively in under 90 seconds flat. Don&rs

Improve your disaster recovery plans

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The chance of a natural disaster isn't a topic you want to dwell on every day.The post Improve your disaster recovery plans appeared first on Immigration Blog - Latest Immigration & I9 compliance News :