How your mobile phone actually saves you stress at work

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Fear of Missing Out is the plague of our modern times. In a digitally connected world, Instagram and Snapchat give us party FOMO — why wasn't I invited?

5 tips to spotting a bad candidate who looked perfect on paper

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Have you ever put in a good word for someone, only to hear that he or she got the job — and then totally bombed? I've been there and I can tell you: It's super awkward.   But if people (myself included) can be fooled by contacts we know, what hope do hiring manag

Corporate Strategy Office: Why an organization cannot do without one

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Last year, the CEO of a medium sized company approached me to advise him on whether to enter a new market segment. I enquired why he did not ask one of his senior managers to find the answer. He said that he would have to seek the opinion of the Business Head or Chief of Marketing. They, he feared

Three Essential Questions to Ask

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As a time-strapped businessperson, how do you figure out which networking events to attend and which you should let go by the wayside?  A networking strategy can help you decide  which events are worth your time.

Cracking the local marketing code

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My Page   Travel, books, electronics, fashion, classifieds and now local services - e-commerce has disrupted the status quo in almost every sector.

8 Economic Fun Facts About Social Media Platforms

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Social media platforms are a wealth of information, from what your best friend had for

How Great Masters Think

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Robin Sharma shares that to believe in yourself when no one believes in you is to start your rise to genius.